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Abiu - E4

Abiu - E4

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The E4 is a selection of Abiu originating in Australia.

E4 is noted for is large size fruit,  thought to be the largest known Abiu cultivars

This plant is known to grow true to seed and does not need grafting or air layer to maintain its characteristics.  The flesh doesn't discolour as fast as other Abiu and they are low latex making them a good commercial prospect. The flavour is said to be outstanding with a very high percentage of pulp by weight. 

The Abiu is a smooth skinned, yellow fruit with a sweet translucent/ cream coloured flesh. It’s flavour is likened to creme caramel and it is sometimes used to flavour ice cream and make other desserts. The Abiu fruit is considered a delicacy for those who can grow it successfully, and it thrives in warm subtropical and tropical conditions.

The Abiu is native to South America. Great served chilled cut in half and eaten with a spoon. These plants are grown pointed shaped fruit.

Protection from high winds and frost is need to get trees established.

Seed grown from large,  E4 Abiu .

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How To Grow Abiu - E4

Tropical , subtropical

Full sun , Part shade


Self pollinating


Time to Fruit
4-5 Years

Moderate watering with good drainage

February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Frost/Cold Tolerant
Likes Temps above 5


Grow in a Pot
40L +

Quarantine Restrictions