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Amla - Indian Gooseberry 2l

Amla - Indian Gooseberry 2l

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The Amla also known as the Indian Gooseberry is a beautiful, semi deciduous, fine leafed tree that grows throughout India and bears an edible fruit.

The Amla fruit has a very tart taste with a high pectin content making it ideal for jam and chutneys, Amla oil is extracted from its seeds and pulp

The tree can begin to yield fruit from as early as its third year with good productivity levels.

Amla oil is prepared from dried amla berries, which have been soaked in coconut oil for several days. This oil is can be used as natural hair conditioner,

Amla has many uses and benefits from boosting immunity, healthier skin to improving mental health and regrowing hair! 

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How To Grow Amla - Indian Gooseberry 2l

Tropical, subtropics

full sun

5-10m can be kept smaller with pruning

Self pollinating however fruit set is great increased with more than 1 plant with cross pollination


Time to Fruit
3-4 years

Moderate watering with good drainage

June - september

Frost/Cold Tolerant
Sensitive when young

Semi in winter

Grow in a Pot
Yes 50L +

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