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Bilimbi Advanced

Bilimbi Advanced

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The Bilimbi ( Averrhoa bilimbi ) is a close relative of the carambola tree, an attractive small evergreen plant usually growing to 4-6 m in height but can grow to 10 in the tropics.

The Flowers of the Bilimbi bloom from the trunk, often in great number toward the bottom of the tree. Fruits follow, and a single tree often produces hundreds and hundreds of fruits.The entire fruit is edible, including the slightly waxy skin.

The flesh is very crunchy, firm, sour and extremely juicy. The most common use for the fruits is a flavoring for prepared fish and meat dishes. Fruits are also used for beverages and preserves. They are quite acidic and unlike the star fruit, are usually not eaten fresh out of hand.

Ripe fruits are frequently added to curries in the Far East. Bilimbi is often used in place of mango to make chutney.

The leaves of the Bilimbi are used medicinally as a tonic throughout many countries. A tropical species the bilimbi is more cold sensitive than the carambola especially when very young.

The Bilimbi is well suited for pot culture where plants can be moved around in cooler climates to protect from wind and frosts.

It is common for these plants to loose all leaves in transit, place in a warm position and they should bounce back quickly.


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How To Grow Bilimbi Advanced

Tropical (Sub tropics with protection from frost and wind until established)

Full Sun

5-10 m can be pruned 2-3

Self pollinating


Time to Fruit
3-5 years

Moderate watering with good drainage

Jan, feb, march, april, may, june, july august, september, october

Frost/Cold Tolerant
Sensitive Likes temps Above 5 degrees

Evergreen, partially in winter

Grow in a Pot
Large pot 30-40 litre

Quarantine Restrictions