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Cacao SG2

Cacao SG2

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The SG2 is a new variety of Cacao grown for its smaller sized tree as well as its high yield of precious pods!

Cacao is a tropical tree native to the Amazon region of South America. It grows well in tropical Australia. Cacao is the source of chocolate, cocoa and cocoa butter, the fermented seeds are roasted, cracked and ground into a powder.

Cacao can benefit from hand pollination in the absence of insects.

To grow Cacao outside of the Tropics its best grown in partial sun and out of areas with high wind. Cacao prefers temps above 10 degrees so protection in winter is recommended in a marginal climate.

Cacao can be grown in a large pot and this assists in moving the plant out of full sun and windy situations, Once established the can tolerate wind more and be slowly introduced to full sun to become more productive.

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How To Grow Cacao SG2

Tropical, subtropics

Full sun


Self pollinating


Time to Fruit
3+ Years

Moderate watering with good drainage

Febuary, March, April, May, June

Frost/Cold Tolerant
Sensitive likes temps above 10 degrees

Yes if low temps in winter

Grow in a Pot
Yes, 50l +

Quarantine Restrictions