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Large Leaf Tamarind

Large Leaf Tamarind

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Large Leaf Tamarind is a slender, palm-like gully tree that bears sweet, tart fruits prolifically each season. It occurs naturally in temperate and sub-tropical regions along the east coast of Australia.

Creamy brown flowers form in Spring, maturing from October to January. The fleshy yellow-orange fruit is sour to taste, but like the Asian Tamarind, may be enjoyed raw or processed into jams, jellies, sauces, candies and drinks.

Fruits will fall from the tree when ripe, and should be collected as soon as possible as they are a favourite of ants, birds, bats and other garden creatures.

The Large Leaf Tamarind may be grown in full sun or part shade, as long as it’s sheltered from strong winds and frosts. It prefers moist soil throughout the year, but can thrive in a range of soil types under most pH conditions.

This tree can grow to 8m tall in a domestic garden, but will also do fine in a large pot. As it grows vigorously, it needs regular pruning to keep it at a manageable size. The large, velvety leaves make for an attractive and desirable pot plant in a patio or courtyard setting.
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How To Grow Large Leaf Tamarind

Sub tropical, Tropical

Full sun, Part shade

8-12 m

Self pollinating

Cutting Grown

Time to Fruit
2-3 years

Moderate watering with good drainage

Leaves, all year

Frost/Cold Tolerant

Ever green

Grow in a Pot

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