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Liquid Potash Organic by Katek

Liquid Potash Organic by Katek

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The Ultimate Bloom & Fruit Booster!

Katek Organic Liquid Potash is an liquid potassium fertiliser for superior fruit and bigger, better flowers.

Potassium is essential during the fruiting and flowering process.  A regular feed of liquid potash will improve the colour, size, shelf life and quality of fruit, flowers and vegetables.  Potash is beneficial to improving disease, pest and drought resistance by strengthening plant cell walls.

Can be used on vegetables, fruits, flowers and lawns.

Australian Organic Registered Product for use on Organic Gardens and Farms.

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How To Grow Liquid Potash Organic by Katek

Potassium (K)
Add 25ml to a 9L watering can.

A 9L watering can will cover approximately 4 sqm.

Apply monthly from when buds first appear through to harvest.

Dilute with water as per directions. Apply to foliage and soil. Young or sensitive plants require half dilution.

Do not apply on hot days or when plants are stressed.