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Olive Helena

Olive Helena

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St Helena lsland is a heritage National Park off the coast of Brisbane, Australia. From 1867 to the 1920s, the island served as a high security prison; then a prison farm until its closure in 1932. The original olive tree was planted in the late 1800s after being brought to the island trom Europe by a visiting magistrate.

The olive tree has been grown for centuries around the world for its fruit, oil and timber. Providing a clasic taste of the Mediterranean, the fruit can be picked and prepared at various stages depending on the desired flavour required.

The Helena Olive tree you are purchasing is a 3rd generation heritage tree which has a history of producing exceptional fruit and award winning olive oil.

Olives require full sun and are tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions including extended periods of dryness once established. Choose a quality potting mix if your olive tree is to be planted in a pot. Although drought tolerant, for maximum fruit production water well during flower and fruit formation. Prune lightly after fruiting. This olive likes a full sun position growing to 3m in height it will tolerate long dry spells and is suitable for container planting.


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How To Grow Olive Helena

sub tropical, warm temperate

full sun


Self pollinating


Time to Fruit
2-3 years

Moderate watering with good drainage

april, may, june

Frost/Cold Tolerant


Grow in a Pot
30 l+