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Pandan- Edible Pandanus

Pandan- Edible Pandanus

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Pandanus amaryliifolius edible pandan is used in Asian cooking. Used as a flavouring for rice and other dishes. There are so many recipes using Pandan. Pandan is a Tropical Plant and thrives in Tropical and Sub Tropical areas of Australia. In the southern states Pandan can still be grown but with a little more care by keeping them in a hot or poly house or in the home then moving them outside in a protected area in Summer. Pandan should only be watered twice a week through the winter months.

In the Sub tropical and Tropical regions Pandan is best grown in full to semi shade in a protected area away from frosty cold winds. For best results plant in a boggy area or place the pot in a dish of water.


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How To Grow Pandan- Edible Pandanus

Tropical, subtropical

full sun/part shade

up to 1m

Self pollinating


Time to Fruit

Moderate watering

all year

Frost/Cold Tolerant
Prefers temps over 5

No, evergreen

Grow in a Pot